A Year in Review

New year, who dis? I actually can’t believe that it’s a brand new year and the last post I made was almost exactly a year ago– announcing the new addition to our family. At the time I had grand plans of writing about pregnancy, baby things, delivery, etc. etc., which obviously didn’t happen. Maybe it’s the new year inspiring me, or the fact that the past year absolutely flew by but I decided I want to make a concerted effort this year to take time, if only for myself, to do a better job documenting.

I swore when E was a baby that I’d never forget all her milestones, her first words, the first foods she ate, funny things she did and said… every minute detail. And yet here I am only 3 short years later remembering hardly any of that. So here we go again… 2019 in review:

January: We announced our pregnancy with Baby 2! We didn’t share publicly, but I had also taken an early gender test (called Sneak Peek– more on that later) in December that said we were having another girl! Having 2 sisters, I was thrilled at the prospect of E getting to have a sister, too. We also started E in a 2s preschool class and she just absolutely thrived– couldn’t be happier with our choice of preschool.

February: Surprise! Our 20 week anatomy scan revealed that we were very much having a boy! To be honest, this was a really weird time for me because I was obviously so lucky to have a healthy baby and I never lost sight of that, but I struggled a little with thinking for the few months prior that we were having a daughter– we had a name picked out, bought a few small things, and suddenly finding out this little person I’d imagined wasn’t actually the person growing inside me. (Sneak Peek is an at-home blood test that you can do starting at 9 weeks. I took it at 11 weeks, and had a friend who is an RN actually draw my blood, so I guess I’m the “1%” that got the wrong gender). After I wrapped my mind around having a son, I knew exactly what I wanted to name him– I’ve had his name picked out since I was a kid. I have 2 sisters and my parents had 1 boys name they would’ve used for any of us if we were boys, which they obviously never got to use, and I’ve said since I was little that if I ever had a boy I would use that name.

March: Surprise, again! We rescued another dog! We’ve always said we wanted more dogs, but we were slightly impulsive here, ha– but no regrets. Sadie lady joined our family at the end of the month.


May: My sisters and mom threw me a little baby sprinkle to celebrate little man’s pending arrival! It was the most beautiful day (especially in comparison to my shower for E which was the day after a major blizzard).

June: We joined a local lake this season and spent almost every day there. E became such a good little swimmer and it was so fun watching her learn. I was a sight to behold- super pregnant, lugging beach chairs, beach toys, a beach bag, a cooler, oh and a toddler onto the beach everyday, but it was so worth it.

July: We welcomed Benjamin Donald into the world. He was born on 7/18/2019 (6 days late) at 7:44am, 8lb 15oz, 21.75in. I would love to sit down and write out his whole birth story so I always have it to remember, so maybe I’ll share that another time. But I’ll say, from day 1 he’s been a chill, sweet munchkin.. my little boyfriend.

August: We spent the rest of the summer adjusting to being a family of 4… well 6. Ben was seriously such an easy infant, a great sleeper, a great nurser (despite having a tongue and lip tie). S went back to work the first week of August, and it was sink or swim time. I’d like to think we did more thriving than just surviving, mostly just because Ben was a pretty low-needs babe.

September: Vacation! We decided to tackle my family’s annual beach vacation with a 3 year old and 6 week old! We definitely had moments on the struggle bus, but I think Ben was so little and portable that it was actually a great time to go away. E also started preschool 3s!

October: B’s first flight! I took B out to visit my dad’s family in St. Louis for a whirlwind weekend meeting his extended, but close family.

November: This felt like a crazy month, in a really good way. We went on our annual weekend away to Syracuse with family friends, had out of town family visiting, Ben was baptized, and celebrated Thanksgiving. We also moved B out of our room after several weeks of declining nighttime sleep.

December: I can only describe this month as “magical chaos.” From the Polar Express, school Christmas show, dance Christmas show, meeting Santa, Holiday cocktail parties, the Messiah, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, post-Christmas Christmas parties with friends… it was A LOT of celebrating– but that’s just it, it was still all good.

There ya have it, friends.. it was really nice to sit down and reflect on the year and scroll through my camera roll. 2019 was a year of growth for us in more ways than 1, and while 2020 can’t possibly top 2019, I can’t wait to see what it holds for us.

Thanks for joining me on this trip down memory lane!

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