This Too Shall Pass… but *This* Too Shall Pass

Mothering a toddler has me thinking “this too shall pass” basically on a daily basis. Like today at Target when she ran away from me in the middle of self checkout and proceeded to scream like a banshee. Like when it takes no less than 20 minutes and 6 meltdowns to get her dressed in the morning. Like when she insists on being held anytime I try to get ready and end up blow drying my hair and doing makeup with one hand and 30lbs in the other. And like when she’s having one of those days (or allllll the days) where she just can’t seem to play nice or share with anyone.

But then (admittedly) far less frequently than I should, I think “but this too shall pass.” Like when she snuggles her head on my shoulder and ALWAYS yawns when we sing Twinkle twinkle (her going-to-sleep song). Like when she super aggressively kisses me and yells MUAHHH! Like when she says “uppy uppy uppy” and holds her arms out to me. Like when her face lights up because she thinks bubbles are magical.

I guess that’s the unique duality of motherhood, that things can be so bitter and yet so sweet, sometimes all within seconds.

Happy happy happy Friday, friends! xo

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