All the Fall Things

While it certainly still felt like summer this weekend, we jumped in to all things Fall. On Saturday we hosted a barbecue with some of my closest friends and it was glorious. So glorious, in fact, that I didn’t take any pictures except one of these cutie girlfriends because I was too busy laughing my buns off and stuffing my face.

And on Sunday we undertook the most basic of fall activities: Apple picking. We have an annual tradition of going with a group of friends, and as has been the trend for our last several years, it was HOT HOT HOT outside. But it was so sweet seeing E and her little friend get excited about riding the tractor and pulling apples out of the trees (and occasionally off the ground 🤢).

(Anyone else as surprised as I am that my tiny human is wearing activity-appropriate clothing AND a ponytail?!)

This was such a great weekend, and really got me thinking about the friends we spent it with, among others. Both of these plans have literally been in our calendar for over 2 months. Our annual apple picking is actually a standing yearly plan for the same weekend in September. And I actually felt kind of ridiculous sending out a sort of “save the date” for a casual barbecue of all things in July. But schedules get so crazy busy between work obligations, family obligations, traveling, etc. and it’s so easy to fall into a trap of complacency. It’s not like in high school or college when you took for granted that your friends were just around.

Now it usually takes being really intentional, getting dates on the calendar for get-togethers sometimes months and months in advance. And that’s okay because life happens and life is busy. But this weekend was a reminder to me how fulfilling it is to make that extra effort, to reach out to friends, and figure out how to make time for each other.. because it’s really good for the soul to sit with old friends until 2:30am crying laughing and playing What Do You Meme.

Thanks for reading and Happy Monday, everyone! xo

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