Tiny Dancer

Yesterday was a historic day in our little family. Emmy had her first dance class 😭😍. I was so excited to buy her little tap shoes and ballet slippers, leotards, and tights. Everyone I talked to said “She’s going to love it!” And I’d laugh and say “Or she’s absolutely going to hate it. There will be no in between.”

I was really excited for her to be at an age where she can start doing things without me– non mommy and me activities. I also think it’ll be good for her to transition into separating from me before she starts school next year.

I wasn’t actually anticipating yesterday being very hard on me– I was THRILLED at the prospect of not having to crawl all over the floor or chase after her for an hour (I have a love/hate relationship with mommy and me classes). But I was actually surprisingly anxious in the moment. Anxious that she is in a class of older girls because her 2-3yr old class was canceled, anxious that she wouldn’t be a good listener, anxious that she’d throw a tantrum, anxious that older kids wouldn’t be nice to her… just anxious. About everything.

All in all, it went ok. She did well for the first 30 minutes (especially when the teacher played Let It Go and I could hear her scream-singing in the waiting room), and she was a bit more.. difficult the last 30 (screaming crying refusing to take off her tap shoes even though she wouldn’t participate in tap whatsoever) I’d like to think that she will get better after a few classes, she’ll acclimate and adjust.

And ironically, she and I are mirror images. I’d like to think that in a few weeks I, too, will get better, I’ll acclimate and adjust.

(Of course all my pictures are blurry because this kid doesn’t stop moving)

Have a great day, friends! xo

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