Functional Little Spaces

One of the things I was most excited about with the new house was having a larger kitchen. In our apartment, we had a small galley kitchen with hardly any counter space. Well, we quickly got into a bad habit of dumping mail, papers, random crap on my long-awaited countertops– and it drove me bonkers.

Our kitchen also had this sort of dead wall space on the side of the pantry/hall leading to the kitchen, so I decided to try to use that unused space to solve our crap-collecting problem on the counters (see below).

I kind of hate the term “kitchen command center” but I guess that’s technically what I created in this space. As usual, Tarjay had exactly what I was envisioning– decorative, but ultimately functional “storage” for mail and papers in a space that was otherwise serving no purpose.

I’ve been having fun creating little spaces like this one through the house– can’t wait to share more of them!

Happy Friday! xo

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