Lessons I’ve Learned From My Toddler vol. 2

When Emmy was really little I used to imagine what her little voice would sound like. I would imagine her saying things like “I love you mommy” and “thank you mommy” (😂🙄) Well, as you can imagine, what I get most these days is “No mommy” and usually at a pitch only the dog can hear. Emmy has become extremely particular in what she’s willing to wear. I basically have an entire summer wardrobe that she’s refused to wear because 9 times out of 10 the ONLY thing I can get her to leave the house wearing is a Disney princess costume.

It has gotten SO frustrating being short on time, trying to get out the door, begging her, pleading with her to just let me put clothes on her to go run errands, make it to an appointment, a playdate, whatever it may be. She puts one of the gowns on and immediately says “Oh mommy so beautiful” and talks about how fancy the dress is.

I’ve spent a good deal of time fighting this, arguing with her, etc. But then I got to thinking… why? Why should I tell her she can’t feel so beautiful on a casual Tuesday going to the eye doctor? (Actual scenario below)

There are a few lessons here for me. First, basically everywhere we go when she’s dressed like this people look at us. Some give knowing little grins, some just stare, some judge… who cares? Why should I care what some strangers at the mall think that she’s in a Tinker Bell costume and a Princess Poppy winter hat in the middle of August? And really, why should I care, in general, about what people think of me? Honestly, that was the biggest reason I didn’t start a blog 3 years ago. Like WHAT?! I’m 30 years old! Why should my concern about what others think about what I have to say stop me from doing something I think will be fun? The short answer is: I shouldn’t.

Along those same lines, Emmy is so confident when she wears these things that I think are ridiculous. She literally has no concept of people looking at her funny. None. She feels amazing. End of story. Why as adults do we complicate that idea so much? When along the line does this change for us? I admire this confidence in her; I should be trying to emulate it. And as trying as these times can be, I also hope so deeply for her that this part of her never changes.

And so, friends, you do you and feel fabulous doing it. xo

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