Home decor

Fall Touches

Happy September! Friends, I am SO excited to decorate for fall, and now that it’s after Labor Day I feel like I can officially jump in with both feet. We had some family over for a bbq yesterday, so I used that as an excuse to start adding some fall touches (even though it’s still a gajillion degrees outside).

Today I’m on the hunt for more fall pieces because I have so much more room to decorate! Here’s a taste of my fall decor so far!

When we were picking paint colors and furniture, I intentionally picked a lot of warm neutrals so that I always had a canvas for seasonal decorating. I LOVE a good garland– either regular greens (my favorite being a eucalyptus garland from Hobby Lobby as seen on my mantel), a fully seasonal garland, or sprucing a simple one up with some seasonal bunches.

I can’t wait to share what else I find! Have a great day! xo

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