Expecting the Meltdown

We are fresh off our family summer vacation, still trying to bask in our relaxation (maybe that’s why we haven’t unpacked? I KNOW… we’re *those* people who don’t unpack suitcases for like 2 weeks). Anywho, we really, truly had a fantastic week. I was a little anxious leading up to the trip because… 2 year old. Last year was a tough trip.. 17 months old, love/hate relationship with the beach, fearless, -5% listening skills. But what a difference a year made. Still fearless (thank you Jesus she willingly kept her puddle jumper on) and approximately 12% listening skills, but this girl LOVED the pool and loved the beach. She was mildly obnoxious on the plane, singing Let It Go at the actual top of her lungs, but all in all, that could have been worse.

I think a huge part of this trip was managing my own expectations, being realistic that it’s not *if* things don’t always go as planned, it’s *when* things don’t go as planned. It would have been really easy for me to be super annoyed that the ONE night we took E out to dinner with the whole family, she refused to sit and eat and we had to take turns walking the block with her, alternating eating cold dinners and drinking warm beers. Because that is annoying. BUT I also know that’s par for the course with her. No amount of bribery with coloring, stickers, toys, or the iPad has ever made this kid sit in a high chair (or regular chair for that matter) at a restaurant. I would be delusional to expect that this one time she would actually do that, especially with all the excitement of vacation added in. Instead, we rolled with it; Stephen being an all-star/pushover and walking her to get ice cream while we all finished eating (because he inhales food… it’s actually extraordinary how fast he eats).

And really I think that’s the name of the game when it comes to kids– knowing your kids and setting your expectations accordingly. It’s not always something I do well (ie going to Target and expecting to make it out of there without buying 2 pink cake pops, running to the mall “real quick” and being less than thrilled to have to ride the escalator back and forth 47 times in a row). But it is something I’m trying really hard to live by… because otherwise you’ll find clumps of my hair strewn through Target.

(P.s– WHY IS IT ALWAYS TARGET?.. a post for another time)

Thanks for reading! xo

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