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Just Call Me Tim Taylor

Since moving into our home in June, I’ve been having so much fun with home decor. One of my most favorite parts of my home is the gallery wall in my family room. I was really nervous to actually take up the hammer and nails (it feels like such a commitment!), but I found a cool little trick that made the whole process a cinch!

  1. Once you’ve selected your frame size(s), create mock ups of the frames. A mock up will help you visualize the layout and how your design works within your space. To do this, flip the frame over so it’s backside up. I used a yellow legal pad, and starting in each corner, laid 4 sheets together and taped them so they created a sheet the size of the actual frame.
  2. Try to use paper light enough that you can see where the nail holes or other hanging mechanisms are, and using a marker, place a dot on the sheet so you’ll know where to eventually place the nail.
  3. Repeat this process for however many frames you have. (I have 10)
  4. Using painters tape, start with the middle-most point, and tape your sheet. From there work your way out, taping sheets to the wall. Once you find the spacing and layout you like, measure the distance between sheets and/or the distance from the top/sides of the wall. Use a level to make sure everything is even.
  5. Measure, measure again, and measure again. Aaaaand probably measure one more time.
  6. Leaving the sheets on the wall, place the nails over the dots on your mock up and hammer them in. Tear down the mock up and place the frame!

All told, this process took me about 2 hours by myself. Unleash your inner Tim Taylor and have at it!


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