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Lessons I’ve Learned From My Toddler vol. 1

A lot of times when I think about being a mom I think about what I am teaching my 2.5 year old. I don’t usually spend much time thinking about what SHE teaches ME. When I stop and reflect on that, it actually shifts my perspective on some of the more shall we say *trying* times of being a mom to a toddler.

Volume 1: Letting go of (some) control

When I found out we were having a girl, I immediately thought about all the precious things I would dress her in, all the headbands she’d wear, the adorable (stupid) baby shoes I’d make her wear. And honestly, I did all of the above. In spades. My kid was not blessed with a full head of hair. She actually rocked a pretty unfortunate bald ring around the back of her head that made her look like Friar Tuck for several months. BUT, this girl’s headband game was STRONG. I literally had a headband to match every single thing she wore, never left the house without multiple extras in the diaper bag. As she got a little older and grew a little more hair on top, her signature look was the Pebbles Flintstone “ponytail”. And I was absolutely elated when she FINALLY had enough hair after she turned 2 for a real top knot.

I *know* vying for independence is the hallmark of the toddler years. I *knew* there would come a time when she would start refusing any and everything just because she could. So now my rough and tumble little mess of a toddler flat out refuses to let me touch her hair. And unfortunately her hair now most closely resembles a little baby mullet. At first, I fought against her refusal. I begged, pleaded, bartered… sunk real low.

Now, I know this is a silly and super trivial anecdote. But I had a mompiphany in the midst of it. My days of having control over everything she wears, eats, does, etc. are numbered. You start with this babe completely dependent on you and the choices you make for them. And then seemingly overnight, she’s a little person with opinions, plans, agendas, which for me these days feels 180 degrees opposite of mine. The challenge is finding the balance. Some things are easy… she doesn’t NEED to wear her mullet in a ponytail. I can relinquish control over that situation. Some things are a little harder… in the midst of writing this post, I went to put her down to bed.  She refused, screaming-bloody-murder, full-on-tantrum refused, to wear pajamas or anything resembling PJs and so she’s wearing a bathing suit under her sleep sack. I’m afraid she’s going to be cold and not sleep well, but I gave in and I feel kind of crappy about that. That’s where I’m still learning… and will probably never stop learning how to find that balance.

You mamas feel me? Thanks for stopping by! xo

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